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The Importance of Regular Forklift Service

Forklift service is an important part of your month to month operation in any given industry where it is a vital part of the day to day operations. Sure, you could pay an in-house mechanic to handle the service of your forklift, but there is a better option. Hiring a professional company to manage the service of your forklift or other construction equipment could be the best choice for you.

The mechanics at Equipment services are experienced in both routine and preventative maintenance of all the major brands of forklifts. Those include Sellick, Hyster, Yale, Toyota, and Clark. On top of that, we are also experienced handling the maintenance of shooting boom forklifts as well as many other types of construction equipment.

Anyone who owns a forklift should understand that regular service for your construction equipment is vital to the longevity of the unit. When forklift service is irregular, it can result in costly breakdowns. These types of situations not only cost you time but they could cost thousands in costly repairs. A much better option is to have regular forklift service done regularly.

One of the routine maintenance concerns a forklift has, as well as almost any other piece of construction equipment, is regular and proper lubrication. It is likely that if you are making use of a forklift, a big part of the job is to move heavy materials from one part of the job site to another. It is likely that your forklift is often running, in some cases, all day. If your machine is not properly lubricated on a regular basis, the strain put on the machine from this type of use can cause parts such as the main mast chain to experience excessive exposure to friction. With friction comes excess heat, which can spell disaster for your machinery.

Another commonly overlooked aspect of forklift service is proper fluid maintenance, this is imperative. Maintaining proper fluid levels with your heavy equipment is just as important as with your car. The problem is that often on a job site someone inexperienced checks and adds fluid to your machine overlooking appropriate fluid change intervals. There are also foreign materials that make its way through the inner workings of the machine which can wreak havoc on the inner workings of the engine and hydraulics.

At Equipment Services LLC we offer a full line of forklift service and maintenance, both on the job site and in our shop, we can handle the routine maintenance of your machinery. Don’t leave the service of a forklift to the amateurs, let the professionals take care of it. We will make sure that your machinery is kept in tip top condition, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about costly delays or expensive repairs.