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Construction & Heavy Equipment Rental

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, EQS offers single-day to long-term rentals of construction equipment and heavy equipment at very competitive rates so you can have the equipment you need without having to buy. Although we provide equipment rental throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware and Maryland, we can ship our equipment throughout North America. And if you decide to purchase, we offer very attractive lease-purchase options. Equipment Services LLC specializes in:

  • Articulated Boom Lifts
  • Straight Boom Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts Telehandlers

Don’t Buy Expensive Equipment When You Can’t Rent

You’ve got a big job coming just around the corner, and it would be nice to use a new, shiny boom lift for all of the work. They look great, all of the parts are new, and it’s guaranteed to work for a long time. How could that possibly be the wrong decision?

Fast forward six months and you still haven’t come close to covering the expense of that new boom lift you purchased. Even worse, you haven’t had to use it in three months. It’s just sitting there gathering dust and burning a hole in your bank account. Your entire business took a step back for the sake of that new lift.

You look at the latest catalog to see that your model is already outdated. The newest lift in the same line from Genie has an increased capacity, rough terrain tires, and the tightest turning radius you have ever seen. If only you had waited a few months, you could have had a better model. Maybe forking over $40,000 or more for a new, shiny boom lift wasn’t the best idea.

The Alternative: Construction Equipment Rental

Renting the construction equipment is a far more economical decision. You can avoid all of the pitfalls discussed above. In most cases, you can cover the cost of the rental in a short period. You don’t need to take a loan or discuss financing options for construction rentals. Just figure out how long you need it and find the right rental company.

The second part is the easy job. There are hundreds of construction equipment rental companies in the country, but few can compare to Equipment Services LLC. They are well-known in the construction equipment rental market and have a positive reputation for renting high-quality construction equipment at low, competitive prices.

Though Equipment Services LLC does rent a variety of equipment, let’s stick with the boom lift example for a moment. A used 2013 Genie Z45/25J articulating boom lift can sell for as much as $50,000 and sometimes more than that. That’s just for a used model. The rental price at Equipment Services LLC is less than 3 percent of that price for an entire week. That’s usually enough time to finish the job and no longer need the boom lift. So whether it’s forklift rental or boom lift rental, aka cherry picker rental EQS LLC has you covered.

Equipment Rentals Enjoy The Best Machinery

Buying new construction equipment can be a bit of a gamble. You don’t know if that machine is going to perform to your standards or your liking unless you have used it before. That means you could get stuck with a $50,000 piece of equipment that you don’t even like. While it’s true that you may not like the equipment that you rent, at least you aren’t stuck with it.

It also helps that the guys at Equipment Services LLC are real professionals. They know which construction equipment is above par and which models to avoid. Many of them have had personal experience with the machines, so they don’t stock the machines that they know aren’t worth your time or money. At the end of the day, you’re more likely to walk away with a device you like at a price you can afford.