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EQS Has Parts For All Construction Equipment

Would you agree that a machine is only as good as its individual parts? Many people would, yet they rarely put the same attention into finding replacement parts as they do in the search for the actual equipment itself. They may spend weeks researching, contacting companies, and finding the best supplier for a new Teupen spider lift. But when they need to replace the tracks they might only do a quick Google search and buy the first thing they come across.

It pays to do a little research to find quality suppliers of equipment parts. At Equipment Services LLC, we strive to be quality suppliers of equipment parts. That is why we house a huge inventory of new, used, and OEM parts for your machines. We’ve done the research and know which truck lift gates work the best out of the box and which cab enclosure kits are going to last.

The quality of the parts we keep in stock isn’t the only impressive attribute of EQS LLC. Speed is a major factor as well, especially if your machine is giving you problems on the job site and you need a replacement part ASAP. Our huge inventory means that we’re likely to have the part you need in stock and ready to ship it to you immediately.

That doesn’t mean we have every single part that everyone will ever need. There are times when we don’t have certain parts in stock. Even then, if you let us know exactly what part you need we can still order it and have it sent to you faster than you could manage on your own, not including the fact that our prices are hard to beat.

EQS has built a reputation with all of the biggest manufacturers of construction equipment parts. Whether you need Genie Parts, JLG Parts, Bil-Jax Parts, Lull Parts, Skytrak parts or many others, we have you covered. When you need something that isn’t already in stock, we can quickly order it from the manufacturers at a great price. It saves you time, and it saves you money.

EQS has a huge inventory of parts so we can provide the quickest service possible. New, used or OEM. Our Inventory Includes:

  • Tires: Foam Filled, New and Used, Plus Rims
  • Cab Enclosure Kits (install it yourself or our service department will handle it)
  • Light and Fender Kits
  • Truck Lift Gates and Utility Bodies
  • OEM and Custom Decals

Email us via the contact us page, to see if the part you want is in stock. If not, we’ll get it faster and less expensively than you can find on your own.