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Why Buy Used Construction Equipment Parts

Has your boom lift slowed down or stopped working altogether? Maybe the tire and wheel assembly isn’t what it used to be. It happens to all construction equipment over time. No brand or manufacturer is impervious to the wear and tear that comes with regular, hard use of your machinery. Even the highest quality equipment still requires repairs over time.

That doesn’t mean you should suffer through using faulty equipment. If your lift is under-performing and slowing you down on the job, then you need to do something about it. You need to replace whatever parts are keeping your business from running at maximum efficiency.

You have two options when it comes to replacing your lift parts. Option one is to find the manufacturer or a supplier and buy brand new parts and possibly break your bank account in the process. The more economical option is to find a reliable source of used construction equipment parts that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Depending on your location, there probably aren’t too many reliable sources of construction equipment used parts in the local area; and you’ll need to search on the internet. That’s when you find companies like Equipment Services LLC who sell used construction equipment parts for unbelievable prices.

What are the benefits of buying used construction equipment parts? Why not put your money into new parts that come straight from the manufacturer? Let’s take a look at some the reasons why you might choose to buy used parts instead.

1: It Saves Money

Who doesn’t like to save money? Construction equipment is not cheap. The individual parts are not cheap either. Buying new equipment parts straight from the manufacturer can be very expensive, and from a third-party supplier, that price can go up even higher. Either way, it can cost you a lot more money to use new parts.

Used parts, on the other hand, have already depreciated and can be much more affordable. You can cut the cost of equipment parts almost in half by only buying used construction equipment parts. That doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality or reliability. If you buy from a reputable supplier like Equipment Services LLC, then you know they have inspected and tested all of the parts that they are selling.

2: Avoiding That Depreciation

Avoid depreciation whenever possible. When you buy a new car and drive it off of the lot, it immediately begins to depreciate. That means it loses its value, even if it hasn’t sustained any damage. The same logic applies to construction equipment. It immediately begins to depreciate, even if it is in the same condition as when you bought it.

There might come a day when you are ready to sell your existing equipment and upgrade to something new. If the parts you purchased were brand new, then they would have depreciated, and you will lose a lot of money when selling the equipment. If you bought used parts, then when you sell the equipment you won’t be losing money on the individual parts. They were bought used and sold used.

3: Finding The Right Parts

Are you using the latest model in your particular line of construction equipment? If not, then it can be next to impossible to find the parts you need when something breaks down. Even though the model is older, the actual parts can be more expensive than newer parts because they no longer manufacture them. It can also take a lot longer to find the parts and have them shipped to your location.

Used dealers, on the other hand, have a large stock of used construction equipment parts from various makes and models. They salvage old equipment, take the good parts, test them, and then sell them to the customers. It’s much easier and much more affordable to buy a used part for an older machine than it is to hunt down a new part. You save time and money.

The choice should be simple. If you don’t want to break the bank or spend all month hunting down an obscure piece of equipment, simply turn to a reliable supplier of used construction parts like Equipment Services LLC.

EQS Is The Place For Construction Equipment Used Parts

Professionals who work in and own construction companies will need various parts for their equipment at some point. Purchasing construction equipment used parts is one of the best ways to get good, working parts at a discounted cost as compared to new parts. Construction professionals know that there’s no need to buy new equipment when used parts can be just as efficient and workable as new parts when these items are purchased from a quality dealer.

Equipment Services, LLC is the best place to get construction equipment used parts. We specialize in repairing, refurbishing and selling used parts with a focus on boom lifts, telehandlers, scissor lifts, forklifts, and backhoes. However, although we specialize in individual parts, we also have a wide variety of other used parts for your company.

Construction professionals desire new parts, but sometimes obtaining a new part is not always possible with older machines. Because we have an extensive inventory of used construction equipment parts, we can get you the part you need at a much greater discount over new. The savings that you can obtain can be as much as 50 percent or more of the cost of a new part. We also take away the hassle of looking for the cheapest replacement part available.

It is a mistake to focus more on price than quality. However, sometimes we are tempted to do just that. At EQS, LLC, we provide used construction parts at a discount, but we also make sure that the parts we are offering you are of the utmost quality. Thereby, saving you headaches and also, and perhaps more importantly, maintaining the healthy relationships that you have with our customers.

We carry parts for all of the nationally and internationally known brands such as Genie, JLG, Skytrak, Lull, Gradall, Bil-jax, Snorkel, John Deere, and more. No matter what brand you’re looking for, chances are we have it.

What are the top three reasons to buy construction equipment used parts from EQS, LLC?

1. We Save You Cash

The most obvious reasons to buy used parts from salvaged construction equipment as opposed to new parts is that you’ll save money. We know how expensive it can be to run a construction business. Your overhead charges can be staggering at times, including the cost of fuel needed to run heavy equipment. Purchasing used parts, at saving over new parts, contributes to your bottom line and contributes to a successful company.

2. You Can Trust Our Equipment

The one concern with any construction professional who is dealing with used equipment is the quality of the material. Equipment Services, LLC takes working with used equipment seriously. Our facility is located on 10 acres with more than three dozen professionally trained, certified technicians working on hundreds of pieces of equipment at any one time. Our operation is so expansive that we have separate buildings for body work, repairs, painting, etc. Few companies are better equipped to do the jobs we do.

3. We Save You Time

Our company can be your one-stop source for used construction equipment parts. You’re busy, and your construction company must maintain its hours and productivity to be a viable business. Having to deal with a variety of construction companies to find what you need does not contribute to using your time efficiently. We have a large variety of used construction equipment parts that will save you not only money but time.

Another way EQS, LLC saves you time is when buying used construction equipment parts, you can acquire a whole assembly as opposed to individual new parts. Buy a used part that comes with all the hardware required for assembly and use as opposed to spending time trying to find all of the parts that you need.

Finding construction equipment used parts can be time-consuming and challenging without a quality service to go to. Equipment Services, LLC is the place to find used and refurbished parts for your construction business. We have the trained and certified professionals on hand to give you the service that you need. We pride ourselves on being the go-to place for used construction parts for construction professionals in the Pennsylvania area and beyond.

John Deere Construction Equipment Parts To JLG Man Baskets

Tired of paying high prices for parts that are useless and don’t have value for your needs? It’s best to choose a service that cares about what you want and gets the job done. This is where Equipment Services LLC is the best choices for those who want essential parts that can be used immediately. This is a world-class service and one you can trust to provide great deals, high-end parts, and real value for your money every single time.

Salvaged Parts

Whether it is used John Deere construction equipment parts, Case backhoe parts or Skytrak parts, you will be able to trust this company and the value it brings. Specialists work on salvaged parts ensuring they are in prime running condition while offering good deals to those who are interested. You will be able to rely on the value being offered with Equipment Services LLC, as all parts are managed and qualified for selling before being put them in front of you. With these parts, you’ll be able to maximize value and still have money to spare in your budget. What better way to progress with your needs?

Quality Repairs

This service provides a range of repair services for those who are looking to have used parts installed or want things tweaked. Stop trusting those who are not ready to put in the hard work you require or don’t have the requisite knowledge needed to do a good job.

If you want value, you will desire a team that cares and is going to work fast. All repair work conducted by this team of professionals will be done in detail and is going to ensure your time is not being wasted along the way. A good deal is a call away when you speak with this service for repair work.

New And Old Options

Does this service only focus on salvaged parts? While we specialize in used parts that have been assessed for quality, there are new parts available as well. It is up to you as to what you require.

Choose the part you want to use.

There is no point in getting a part where you won’t be satisfied. This service goes the extra mile when it comes to what’s made available. For all parts, you will know the attention to detail is not going to wane because the quality is most important to Equipment Services LLC.

Best Rates

Why choose this team? Why not go with a service that also promises salvaged parts? Not only are you going to get the best parts for your machine, but you will also get them at rates far better than anyone else. These are not competitive rates. These are the best rates you are going to get period.

It is time to take action and go with a team that will push you towards a deal that works and is going to line up with your requirements. A good part is just a call away as soon as your ready.

High-End Brands

What about the brands on offer? Whether it is used John Deere construction equipment parts, Genie Telehandler Boom sections, Skytrak parts, or scissor lift parts, you want to go with the right brands. This company offers:

  1. JLG Parts
  2. Genie Parts
  3. Skyjack Parts
  4. Lull Parts
  5. Gradall Parts
  6. Snorkel Parts
  7. Bil-jax Parts
  8. Cat Parts
  9. John Deere Parts
  10. Skytrak Parts
    And More!

Choose the brand you require and know it will be ready to go for your needs.

Not only are these brands going to have an array of parts, but they will also be offered for various pieces of equipment such as telehandlers, scissor lifts, forklifts and backhoes, and boom lifts.

It is time to make the call and get started with the best option for your needs that will be essential in the long-term. Why get parts from those who you are not sure about or are not going to price according to what you require? It is all about getting the right deal for your equipment parts, and this service will meet your requirements to a tee every single time.

Whether your application call for used John Deere construction equipment parts, Case backhoe parts, Genie Scissor lift parts, JLG boom lift parts or any other brands, you need to go with Equipment Services LLC.