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Forklift Maintenance Company

Forklift maintenance is a highly important part of the day to day function of your machinery. A forklift is a rather complex and sophisticated piece of machinery, with many moving parts and mechanisms, properly maintaining a fleet of forklifts can be a full-time endeavor. Proper maintenance and preventative service can be an incredibly complicated thing. That is why it is better to let the professionals handle the maintenance of your forklift. Whether you use your forklift on construction sites or in a factory, having a company manage the maintenance of your forklift or other construction equipment is the best option.

Why Forklift Maintenance Is Better Left To The Professionals

For the first thing, there are many aspects of maintenance to contend with; it is likely that, if left to someone without ample experience, they may overlook the warning signs of a potential breakdown. After all, the point of routine maintenance is to prevent a costly breakdown. Thankfully the professional mechanics at Equipment Services LLC know exactly what to look for. They have been working on forklifts of various makes and models for years, and they know what to look for on each one.

Secondly, forklift maintenance can be time-consuming; paying someone that you employ to handle things like oil changes and routine greasing is not cost effective. Unless they treat it as if it was their piece of equipment, chances are they are not going to be very quick about it. Having your forklift breakdown can cost you valuable time, time that you will not be able to recover.

Your employee’s time is better spent doing what they do best, their given trade; it is not however well spent playing forklift mechanic. Letting someone without the proper experience handle the maintenance of your machinery could even lead to unnecessary downtime. If forklifts do not get routine maintenance, it can lead to costly (both in time and money) breakdowns. In the long run, your money’s better spent paying the professionals to handle the maintenance of your forklifts.

At Equipment Services, LLC we do just that. We offer fair and competitive pricing on routine maintenance as well as forklift repair and service for your forklifts as well as your other construction machinery. We have extensive experience working on all major forklift brands, including Hyster, Yale, Sellick, Toyota, and Clark. We also have experience with popular shooting boom forklifts/articulating boom lift brands such as JLG, Skytrak, Lull, Genie, JCB, Carelift and Ingersoll Rand.

At EQS LLC, We know forklift maintenance. We deal with both knowledge and quality, offering years of experience as well as the highest quality fluids and parts available for your forklift, as well as all your other construction equipment.