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Construction Equipment Refurbishing At EQS

You’ve been taking care of your equipment for years. Your favorite boom lift still runs great, it sounds great, and it can handle any job with ease. There’s only one problem: you can tell it has been through a lot. The paint is cracking away, there’s some rust on the sides, and the decals have completely worn off.

Having a machine that runs great is extremely important, but you also want your equipment to look great as well. Don’t make the mistake of trying to paint it over yourself. Paint jobs from home usually wind up looking worse than before. Instead, have that boom lift, forklift, or another piece of construction equipment professionally refurbished.

At Equipment Services LLC we offer a complete top-to-bottom cosmetic makeover. That includes sandblasting, welding, metal work, fiberglass, painting, decals, and any replacements required. We pick up your equipment, ship it to our dedicated refurbishing facility in Pennsylvania, and then ship it back to you looking as good as new. You might not even recognize it.

Sandblasting And Recoating

Paint has two purposes when it comes to construction equipment. The apparent purpose is to make the machine look good. It serves a second purpose, which is to provide a protective layer over the material. There are usually multiple layers of paint that will help protect the metal underneath.

Over time, though, that paint gets worn down. Rather than just adding a new layer of paint on top of the existing paint, all of the old paint should be removed and then primed so that fresh coats of paint can be added instead. This requires sandblasting and then re-coating the equipment. The sandblasting can also remove corrosion, such as rust from the surface of the metal underneath.

After sandblasting the metal is smooth and ready for paint. It’s also a perfect time to consider painting your equipment in your company’s colors. If you bought a blue Genie boom lift, but your company colors are red and yellow, then repainting it to your colors will make a big difference.

Details And Decals

Afterward, it’s time to add details and decals. Similar to the paint, you can choose to replace the existing decals or add custom decals that are related to your company. With company colors and decals on your equipment, you’ll be marketing your business every time someone sees your lift. It will also help protect the metal and extend the lifespan of that expensive equipment.