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Searching Heavy Equipment Parts in Wilkes-Barre PA – When you need parts for a JLG Lift you have arrived at the right site! Equipment Services LLC is your #1 heavy equipment parts dealer serving Wilkes-Barre PA

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If you are a contractor you know that regardless of the condition of your equipment, at any given time you’re going to need parts. Equipment Services LLC has forge a reputation of fast service and great. We have heavy equipment parts for everything from JLG Lifts to Bucket Lift. Since we are a service and maintenance center, our team is able to help you with any mechanical issue your heavy equipment may have. As For our top rated parts department in the Northeast there is only one number to call – 1 (888) 703-5438. If your heavy is broken you are not earn any money. So, don’t waste your time searching Yahoo just call EQSLLC.Com!

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If you’re able to grasp the difference between a parts store and a mechanic shop then you’re able to have a better understanding of who is EQSLLC.Com. We talk about this because we are aware that the number of online construction equipment parts stores is on the rice. On the same breath the number of qualified heavy equipment mechanics is on the decline. When it comes to getting the right part for your diesel equipment you can go to an e-commerce sites which is the same as having your mailman give you advice on the parts you need for your Aerial Lift or Towable Boom Lifts or you can call the experts at Equipment Services LLC. Take full advantage of our knowledge and get the right part for your construction equipment at the right price the first time around. if you want to learn more about what Equipment Services LLC offers we urge you to checkout our blog.

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Unexpected costs of boom lift ownership – Owning VS Renting

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Your construction company must carefully consider and calculate each large purchase or they risk going out of business. Financial health is fragile, and not considering the hidden costs of boom lift ownership can take your business out in one blow. Before you decide to purchase construction equipment rather than renting it, it is imperative that you compare the benefits to the cost—all of the costs. There are many unanticipated costs of owning a boom lift that you should be aware of.

Owning equipment deems you responsible for any and all maintenance and repair. If you rent equipment, one call usually brings a person to your site to repair your boom lift, free of charge. If you own the equipment, you will have to hire someone to repair it if any damage occurs. This can be very costly. Another thing to consider is the cost of checkup inspections. If you do not check your boom lift for scheduled maintenance or updates frequently, someone on your crew could suffer injury.

You will also need to consider the price of a facility where your equipment will be stored and a subcontractor that will move your equipment from site to site. Renting the equipment makes both of these a nonissue, as the rental company usually takes care of transportation and storage for you.

When owning equipment, you must comply with all codes and ANSI standards. If you rent, this is taken care of by the rental company. This saves you the time and money it takes to meet the codes and standards.

Purchasing equipment ties you to that one piece of machinery. If you rent equipment, you can choose a different type of boom lift for each project, depending on what they require.

Purchasing a boom lift also ties your money up when it could be used to grow your core business. Renting equipment frees your capital and also gives you access to tax benefits.

It does not matter if you keep your boom lift in excellent condition. The value is going to depreciate over time. The equipment you purchase may be obsolete by the time you wish to sell it. This is due to constant improvements in the technology of boom lifts. Renting equipment allows you to have the newest equipment without purchasing a new boom lift each time one is released. You are no longer stuck struggling to sell an old, forgotten boom lift.

Training is provided by most rental companies, but if you own your own equipment this will be your responsibility. You may have to pay someone to train your employees. This can be a waste of valuable money and time, but cannot be avoided as each employee must be able to safely operate the equipment.

When it is time to get rid of a boom lift, you will have to go through the hassle of selling it. We do take trade-ins and so this is one issue you can avoid.

The hidden costs of boom lifts might not seem significant, but they add up overtime. In order to avoid these extra costs, consider renting boom lifts instead.

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Heavy Equipment Parts Dealer Serving Wilkes-Barre PA Looking for Heavy Equipment Parts in Wilkes-Barre PA? If you need parts for a Man Lifts you have arrived at the right website! Equipment Services LLC is the top rated heavy equipment parts dealer serving Wilkes-Barre PA Howdy, and welcome to our website If you [...]